Project Norma: Day 218

I am doing a little better It could be all sorts of better, but it isn't. Just Better. I learned a few things from loving someone who was bad for you and you bad for him. I learned hard life lessons and I struggle to keep afloat. I do have my dream job My work... Continue Reading →

Chapter One: A Terrible Start

Chapter one of Book One of the Demon Child series. *Image is not mine and was picked off google and I forgot who the artist is* Gwenyth: There was something about this guy that I could not put my finger on. He must know about me. He knows. How could he? Maybe what my mother was trying to tell me was true. There are others, but you can never be too careful about these demons that lurk on this plane... Derek: Gwenyth Livingston was a demon hunter. But she doesn't know it yet. I can see her try her best, but she has no idea what she is doing. The rift is breaking. There is going to be more of them. A lot more, and she would be left defenseless. I have to step in. Even if she does not like it, I have to step in. -A story about Gwenyth Livingston and Derek Straton and a world full of demons. (Explicit: Mature Content)

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