You Will Remember Me

You will.

Weather you like it or not, people will forget I exist.

But you won’t.

It will burrow inside of you on those days where you think about something out of the ordinary and there I am, in the very back of your mind.

You would think you got rid of me, but there I am.

All those good memories. All those hurtful memories.

I will be there.

All of those days where you thought you were lonely , you know I will still linger.

My image behind your eyes.

My fingers that once touched your bare skin.

All those days where we laughed and thought nothing, not even the gods themselves could touch us.

All those nights we cried to one another and shared all those demons we kept inside for so long.

Those versions of us that only we got to see.

Ill be right there.

All the ugly and all the good.

You will remember how I was so good to you.

How I made you smile, even when you were angry.

Those days we held each others hands while it rained.

How we gave each other that look from across the room that made us burst into laughter.

The way I smell.

When you see old books on shelves.

Crows that fly over your head.

You will see me.

When the first snow fall hits.

The rush of the river.

The way the summer sun warms your skin.

The taste of mango and coconuts.

You will remember me.

When Frank Sinatra plays through the air.

Timber August nights.

Spontaneously racing for the first hug.

Black and red lips.

Dark eyes that are darker than the night sky.

Those times where you gaze off into the distance and only see screenplays of the days we were in the same room but doing other things but still enjoying each others company.

You will remember me.

I suppose…

Because this is how I remember you.


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