When Axel and I first met, he randomly one day smiled at me from across the bed and said, “I finally found you.”
He explained himself after , I am guessing, the puzzled look on my face.
I was once engrossed with the idea of fate, destiny, soulmates, etc for so long and after my separation from my past loves, I gave up, thinking it was all bogus.
But he makes me want to believe in things I used to believe before. Where fairytales actually are more than just stories.
When he explained the greek myth of soulmates it reminded me of the days I sat with my books reading about it at 3 in the morning in my room as a kid wondering where my other half was. If he too wondered where I was in the world.
He explained at odd times how he knew for many years that he was still searching and settled for a few thinking that he will too learn to love along the way but never truly felt it as much as he thought he should.
After the 1st date, after our first kiss by the river on a full moon…he said he finally found the one and accidentally said he loved me when I wasn’t paying attention (he swears 🙃)
And we took everything so slow, months of dating and learning about each other and all the faults we had….
But the funny part is how it feels like we known each other forever. I mean FOREVER. Like, these years are just us relearning all that we lost in the lifetimes before…
I feel safe. Comfortable. Calm. Like my real home is walking around with flesh, breath, and a heartbeat…
And as much as the dark places of my mind try to drown me, with just a look, he can make it all go away.
He loves the sun and I hate it. He likes the windows drawn letting light in and I like them closed keeping everything dark. He likes things quiet and organized and I like a buzz around me and have a chaotic way of doing things. I can go on and on how different we are…
The ying to my yang….
And we found the missing piece we needed in our lives.
We finally found each other.
And everytime I run into the story of soulmates I smile like a dork because it reminds me of him and how lucky I am to have him back with me❤


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