Hello Again!

How is everyone holding up?

Did you miss me?

I have been gone for months!!!! I have not posted anything in a while and I am sure I lost a lot of my followers because I have not been putting out content. But fear not! (Not that you have been fearing) I have been writing loads and I haven’t posted anything yet because, to be frank, most of what I wrote was WAYYY too personal to post for the whole world to see.

I know, I know, I post LOTS of personal and controversial stuff all the dang time, but this time it was wayy too peronal. It was subjects like my mother, how I grew up, my past relationships and what kind of a narcissist I used to be and I was not ready to let the world know that about me just yet. Yet.

Anyhoooo, I am back and will write more on the novel I have been writting taking a break from my last one that I am writing handwritten instead of typing it like I do on all my others.

I would post all the other stories I promised you guys earlier about your stories or so but that was moonths ago and now I am not sure if it is still okay to post so I am going to scratch that.

Man, I miss blogging and I hope that I am back back for good. It is def a hobby of mine and I want to share whatever the heck that comes to mind!

You can totally still send me your stories to normaackerstories@gmail.com

I will do my damn best to post them. I can put your name or if you want your identity hidden, thats all good too. Anything right now is alright.

How the COVID 19 changed your life, how life has been for you, your journey, your scary stories- anything!

I’m your gal!

Hope to hear from you guys soon! Will post later!


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