I AM BACK!!!!!

Did you Miss Me?!

I have had a crazy turn of events!

Life has been pretty good and bad to me like always, but is it crazy to say that I am optimistic about everything!

I could go on and on about all the BS, but lets list the good things:

I am getting back to a schedule!

For full time working, school -going, stressed out moms like me, it is HARD to keep a damn schedule. I always feel like I bit off more than I can chew and it literally bothers me to no end! Buuuuut! I am setting goals and fixing my sleep patterns, the way I eat, when I should do when and what and where! All of that good stuff!

I am getting more in tune with myself and my emotions about it and it is really helping me.

School and work have been going well!

Honestly, if I am being honest, I was sure I was going to just fail getting things done because school has these crazy demands. I guess they forget we have actual lives outside of it. I started off super strong and I fell hard 2 weeks ago, my personal life and my health took a dive, but I am back up and fighting.

Work has been super understanding and has been working with me because they want me to do well so I can g to Cypress soon! So, I am stoked about that. My bosses are the best bosses in the world! They are my work parents and I am so thankful I found myself working for them and learning how to do my dream job along the way. Being a small town mortician is interesting all on it’s own. But that is a story for another day.

I am making it a priority this summer to take a break off school and work on being a better mother

I seem overwhelmed with everything that is going on in school and work that I forget I am a mother sometimes. I used to be a great mother. I was very attentive to Sammy and made sure I was there for her whenever she needed me, but I am seeing that I have been missing out on my daughter growing up and it does hurt me. I miss having little girl nights and watching our favorite shows in our jamies! So, I am definitely taking a break in the summer for that.

Your girl is back on her shit

You best believe I am.

I have a lot of stories in my email that I haven’t shared and I really want to! Some about love stories, loss, heartbreak, being a boss and getting things done, and so much more! Thank you for writing to me! I will post soon, promise!

Main reasons why I haven’t been writting

I have been busy, that’s for sure.

I forgot to pay for my word press domain back in January, and well, that sucked.

I have been going through health issues that limit my free time, but I am doing great now.

And also, I got a lot of people messaging me on why I even do this.

This is why I have a Blog:


That simple.

I understand, I was fragile then, letting people into my personal life and giving people an open window to judge me and hate me, but I learned, that is me. I overshare and that is me. I am not hurting myself than I already am by just living.

I am brutally honest. Especially about myself. I like to be transparent because I am being the person I want to meet one day. To just be themselves without conditions. To care about others and share a part of themselves to save others.

Believe me when I say this, I may not be the best advice giver, and I don’t know why some of you ask me for advice, but people do ask. I get messages from strangers, friends, and family about their struggles and their triumphs and I am so happy all of you confided in me to share your truth. Your story is valid. It is real. It is something to be remembered and to live on.

I write these blog posts for you.

Thank you so much for being there and waiting for me!

From here on out?

It is going to be a bumpy ride!

Until Next Time!

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