What If I Die Tomorrow?

Has anyone ever asked you that question?

Have you asked yourself that question? What do you think of when you ask yourself that question?

Do you think of all the time you wasted on stupid things?

The people you love and how you wish you gave more time to make memories before you pass?

Think about it….what if you did die tomorrow?

What would you do?

We always say “Life is too short”

We do.

We say it.

But, do we ever mean it?

Do you stop doing whatever it is that you are doing and tell yourself that you will finish it tomorrow?

Something very important to you that you love?

“There is always tomorrow.”

I don’t think we ever stop and think about all the little things anymore

We don’t stop and look at the gifts we are given. Especially me. The people who suffer from depression and anxiety.  People who suffer some form of loss. Not being in control of one’s life. Fear of the future.

Do we not ever stop and think “What do I have at this moment?” “What do I have that can make a difference?” “What am I thankful for now?”

I can name a few times where I had to ask myself those questions.

The days where I only owned a sack of clothes holding my daughter in my hands crying my heart out on a curb of a street thinking this was it. This was my life. Being homeless, having nothing to show for any of my efforts.

It is the voice in your head

There was a tiny voice in my head that told me that I have all that I needed. I have the happiness in arms reach. Embrace this bump. Grab what I have and keep pushing forward.

That I have so many things to be grateful for.

I had my health. My daughter is in good health. She was happy whether or not if I had everything for her. I had clothes, a place to get water, friends were a call away, and I have more than enough moments to live for than to just crumble to this.

This isn’t about me. This is about you and if you are living the best life you can right now

Because I sure hope so.

What do I mean by that?

What I mean by that is if you ever stopped rushing through the motions and see that you are missing some of the greatest moments you will never get back.

It is hard to see the good in bad situations. It is hard to see anything good can come out of being fired, a death, a fall back, an unexpected tragedy etc.

But there is beauty in everything.

There is, you just have to really look deep. The most beautiful things are not easy to see when all you see is the bad clouding over it.

It gives you a chance to find a better job. Live on and let their legacy live on within you. All the hardships are there to make you stronger.

There could be more than just what you are living at the moment. There is more than just you waking up ad going to work to go and pay the bills you have to pay and come home to the same people.

There is more than just taking the same route to work and back. There is more than just laying in bed and thinking your life sucks.

I had my share of those.

I started doing a new thing and it is helping

I am doing everything differently than I normally do. I am trying new things I haven’t before. I am facing my fears. I am seeing more than what is just there.

Finding new perspectives.

Because that is all we need. A new perspective.

Maybe you really cannot take the extra 5 minutes to meditate. Maybe you have zero free time from your jam packed schedule.

What can you do about that?

You can take a few seconds to really look at a stranger. Look at their smile. Be aware of their existence. Be aware of the motions they do. The vibe they bring in the room. Seek out the little things that we all take for granted.

Take a quick trip to the park and sit under the shade with a good friend and laugh about the stupid thing about life. Or look up at the sky and see all the blues or colors of the sunset. Think about all our efforts. Be proud of how far you have come up util that very moment.

Can’t get away?

Take  deep breath and remind yourself your kids will never be this small again and all great stories start and/or end with something outrageous.

Let yourself and the kids be silly for a bit. Put a sheet over your head. Pretend you’re a ghost out to get them.  Ask them to help with dinner and listen to how their day went. Instead of watching a film together, have that interaction. You will never get those back.

Working in the death industry makes you realize so many things

And the funny thing is, it does help my mental health.

It makes me snap back to reality and see how important the little things are.

When I hear people speak at a funeral, they always mention the little things more often than not.

The little things people did for them. The most random memory. The little moments they never saw coming. Those are the ones people are going to remember the most. The unexpected.

We never look at what little moments we can share. The spontaneous moments where we decide to enjoy that very moment even more on a whim.

A random trip for ice cream. A tiny smile.

Or simple eye contact.

You really CAN die tomorrow

You can.

No one stops and thinks about that anymore.

We enjoy the simple pleasures, but do we often enough?

Do we appreciate the people we love the way we should?

Do we make time to do more?

Do we actually make time to be honest and to just be yourself to loosen up your tired soul?

If not, please do.

It can do wonders.

Do it for those who do not have the luxury of having that time

Whether those people know they are not living for very long or not, do it for them.

In their memory.

Spread the joy they once brought you.

Enjoy those little moments. If you appreciate someone, tell them.

Say everything you have to say!

Go do that thing you have been thinking about!

Take this as your sign.

Be more than just yourself at this very moment.

Close your eyes and feel the wind blow and the ground below holding you for all the years of your life.

Be thankful.

You are alive at THIS very moment.


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