The Different Kind Of Food: English and California Small Town Edition *Breakfast*

I love food

Everyone who knows me or has seen me could guess or know that I love food. Spicy food is my absolute favorite food. The hotter, the better.

While I have been here I have eaten some good food and sweets. There have been some things that I never knew I would like, but here I am eating it.

I am from a small town in California and I am currently staying in a small town in the middle of England. I have had some food I never had before and even though America is a descendant of Great Britain, we have different foods.


What do you think about when I say American breakfast and English breakfast?

They are all so different.

For an English breakfast: you got your pouched eggs on toast, some sausages, beans, roasted tomato, English bacon, and some mushrooms with your glass of tea with a splash of milk. Image result for english breakfast

For an American breakfast:

You have got your pancakes, hash browns, bacon, some sunny side up eggs or scrambled, sausages (different kinds of sausages) and sometimes fruit with orange juice and coffee.

Image result for american breakfast

Not that we all eat this every morning or at all, but generally speaking.

Because one of my go to’s is cereal.

And let me tell you…the cereal you get here in England is super healthy. There is no Apple Jacks, no Fruit Loops, and Trix. No Captian Crunch Berries, but there are granola choices. Maybe some version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and other healthy choices.

They are all good too but not the sugary delight we Americans know and love, but if I were to choose…American cereal all the way, hands down.



And yes, Frosted Flakes are Frosties in England!


Just a Simple Breakfast

There is obviously more than just this in both ways but these are the differences and similarities we have.

Until Next Time!

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