Chapter Two: New Girl

She didn’t look at me when I drove down the street. She kept her eyes straight ahead. I think it’s because she was scared really. Well, who wouldn’t be scared to go into a stranger’s car in hopes that you will get home unharmed in a new place?

The girl had big issues. Didn’t know who I was and she still got into a truck with me. She was crazy.

“What’s your name, doll face?”

She didn’t answer right away. Instead, she inched away and let out a long sigh. “Gwenyth. Gwenyth Livingston.”

Livingston? That name sounded so familiar. A dim light bulb lit up in my head but slowly faded.

Gwenyth laid her head on the window and hugged her bag close to her chest. And on that note, not a bad one either.

“What town am I going to?”

She froze and looked out her side window. “To be completely honest, I don’t know.”

That was strange.

“Any landmarks that you can give me? You gotta help me out, I don’t know where I am going.” Or how much gas this sucker had.

“I remember seeing a bridge and a big red house?” Gwenyth didn’t sound too sure at all.

Luckily for her, I knew what town she was talking about. It was the closest town to here. “So you are from Churchward? That is a tiny town. You don’t get out much do you?” Obviously, everyone knew everyone from there. And to find her walking home from Annandale was something those people wouldn’t do. They were all family oriented and had high hopes that their children or themselves were going to a faraway college. They set their goals high and kept their head on the money. They were very religious too, it probably came with the name. The nearby towns would make fun of the goody-two-shoes life they lived and how many of those girls were high maintenance virgins.

Gwenyth didn’t seem like the type at all. Especially with that horrid dark makeup she had on was a big red flag. “Are you sure you are from Churchward? It seems like you might be from somewhere up north.” I shifted gears.

“I am not sure, I just moved here.” Gwenyth looked worried then.

That explains it. “I was going to say, you are not the snooty type at all…are you?” I teased.

She didn’t seem to find it funny. She gave me a hard look and gave me the finger, “I am a bitch.”

Whoa, she is a basket case. I couldn’t help but think that is why she ended up at Churchward. This girl needed Jesus. “That is the way you thank me? I am giving you a free ride and you go on disrespecting me? I didn’t ask for a blowjob in return you know?” I smiled at her.

She didn’t say anything at first, she just slumped even more in her seat that I thought she was going to choke herself with the seatbelt. “I’m sorry, I am just worried.”

I was worried about the fact that she wore a seatbelt in the countryside. “Where are you from?”

“Far away from here,” she sat a little bit straighter.

So she is not much of a talker. I kept my eyes on the road and decided to be quiet for the rest of the way there.

She didn’t want to talk to me? Fine. I didn’t care. It made it easier for me. I was just trying to be nice and take her home. Mostly to protect her.

When I saw her walking on the road alone and cold I couldn’t help but think, ‘Where is this girl going?’

There was nothing out there for her. It was dangerous for her to be out here alone. It was a good thing I found her in time and that she accepted my ride, she would not be alive if she didn’t.

The demon was close, real close when I saw her. He was perched on a tree watching her walk down the road. His talons gripping onto the branch with hunger in his eyes. The owl could have fooled anyone into thinking it was an innocent creature, but it was actually a class C demon.

Gwenyth knew nothing about it of course, but there was something that was going on there for a moment. It looked like she knew something. It made me stop and watch her see what she would do. But she just stopped and stood there. The demon must have known that she knew nothing. There was no reason for her to know, but I could see that she knew he was there watching her. She started to move her head looking around for something she could not see.

The bird moved closer, getting braver by the second watching her every move and so was I- the only difference was that I was not going to let him hurt her.

I let myself be known to the demon by running towards him. The owl swiftly spreads his wings and flew away towards the east. I was not about to kill him either, I will cross him again soon. He has been around this area for a while now

That’s when Gwenyth walked faster to the wrong direction of the nearest town. This girl had no idea where she was going and the way she hugged her coat made me a bit worried. I couldn’t let her walk out here by herself. The demon would be back. The demon always returns to the scene of the crime, even though there was none. They liked to hunt in small areas and they stayed as much as they could. Real protective entities they were.

Now she is in my truck. The piece-of-shit truck that almost crushed me in the summer.

“Why were you all the way out here? I saw you at the school. Seems weird that you were going home around the same time I was,” she asked harshly.

So she was not a talker but not a silent type either.

“I needed to run home and pick up a few things.”

“What things?”

“I needed to pick up lunch money, my chemistry II book, and my cigarettes,” I dug into my pocket really quick and threw the pack of nicotine gum at her. “But I have been wanting to quit for a while.”

She sat straight up and picked up the pack, “You smoke?”

“You don’t?” I could already feel myself getting defensive.

“No, because I am still a teenager.”

“Teenagers smoke, it is legal. Eighteen is still a teenager, you know?” I smiled at her and went back to looking at the road.

“You’re eighteen?” she gasped.

“No, I am seventeen but my birthday is coming up!”

“Oh,” she put the gum in the glove compartment.

“How old are you?”

She didn’t give me an answer right away, “I’m sixteen.”

“So you’re a Senior?”

“Junior,” she said. Gwenyth sighed and started to rub her forehead, “Just take me back to school.”

“I thought you wanted to go home?”

“I did, but now I don’t. Can you take me back?”

I shifted gears and stopped the truck. “Want to go home or school? You gotta choose because this is a one-way ticket, sister.”

Gwenyth looked back at me and paused. “I want to go back. There is nothing to do at home anyways.”

I gave her an okay-whatever-you-say look and popped the clutch.

She was a gloomy mess. She didn’t talk to me the whole way back to the school. She held her bag tightly and chewed on her hair. I tried small talk with her and she gave me nothing but soft grunts.

I pulled up in the parking lot and swung my arm and grabbed her seat to support my weight. “Here is your stop, hope you have a nice day!”

She gave me a mean look and started to get out.

“Seriously, what is up with the shitty attitude?” I frowned.

“Nothing,” she climbed out and slammed the metal truck door shut.

I climbed out and tried to catch up to her because she started to speed walk to the school.

“Not even a ‘Thank you, Derek, you are such a dreamboat!’?”

She looked pretty annoyed and she kept her eyes on the school door. She made no comment or recognition that I was there.

“Well, that is the last time I help out a damsel in distress,” I started to walk towards my truck to collect my book and gum when I heard her soft voice behind me.

“Thanks, Derek.”

I turn to see that she had already walked inside.

Three hours later I was on my way to the cafeteria hoping for the vegetarian lasagna. Not that I was a vegetarian myself, but this school had some sketchy meat.

“Derek, why don’t you want to ask May out?”

Lauren, a skinny and tall girl, stood in my way to the lasagna. “You think you could just make out with her and not call her back?” She started to twist her bright white hair with her finger, “She likes you a lot, you know?”

I frowned and shook my head, “Nope. She is not my type. You know as well as I do that she is not one to stick around the poop, you know what I mean? That fly catches everyone’s eye.”

Lauren scowled as I walked around her to the lunch line and walked in step behind me, “She is not a slut if that’s what you mean!”

“No? Okay then,” I chuckled and went for a plate.

Lauren didn’t find anything I said funny. This girl hated my guts all throughout high school. She was once head over heels in love with me and I just blew her off a lot. We started out as friends and then she wanted more in Freshman year. She went on and on talking about how she could never meet a guy (like if it was a big deal). She then had the greatest idea to go see a movie together, I agreed, thinking it was just a casual thing. But that night, a demon decided to show up in the nearby city killing about six people. When I went to go help kill the demon and clean up the evidence, Lauren was heartbroken at the movie theater. She went back to school the next day and told everyone I cheated on her and ditched her at the movies. She made up stories about me and she altogether stopped talking to me.

Sophomore year seemed to be a different story. She talked to me like if nothing ever happened between us. She invited me to her parties and tried sitting next to me in classes. I think she still has a crush on me and uses her friends as a shield. But the more time went on, I could see she was getting tired of the charades.

“Whatever, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone,” Lauren flicked her hair and made her way to her table.

I helped myself to the edible looking food and some odd looking burrito. I went on over to the back of the cafeteria and set my tray in the corner table. I turned around and walked over to the nearest trashcan and spit out my gum.

There was only a slight problem. I spit my gum right onto someone’s shirt.

Gwenyth looked at me stunned with her tray in hand, wide-eyed and frozen.

“I am so sorry, Gwen! Didn’t see you there!” I plucked it off her shirt and threw it in the can.

She set her tray down across from mine and just sat there looking as gloomy as she did this morning. “Did your day suck that bad already?”

She shook her head, “Nothing I am not used to,” she said in a sad tone and started to push her peas with her fork.

“It couldn’t be that bad.”

“I went into the wrong classroom and sat down like an idiot while they took roll call and found out I didn’t belong there. Next, I fall in front of everyone in my science class and knocked over the skeleton and broke his arm. I come in here and try to sit all the way in the back of the room to eat this crap on my plate and I find you here and I get spit on.” She peered up at me with a not so pleased face.

“Sorry, I didn’t know I made your day shit in two seconds.”

She started to eat her peas and mumbled something that I could not hear.

Her hair fell over her face like a house, guarding her eyes and cheeks.

She reminded me of Samantha. My dear beloved Samantha. Her curly honey brown hair always hid her face. I always had to brush it away and tuck the coils behind her ear. She always smiled when I did that and blushed as I ran my fingers through her lock. She was radiant and full of life. There was a lot to be said about that woman, but it would never cross my mind that she was so frail and fragile now.

“I’m sorry, I have no one to talk to,” Gwenyth whispered.

“There is nothing to apologize for doll face,” I took a bite out of my burrito.

“Am I bothering you? Is the seat taken?” she asked, looking for a reason to itch away.

“No, I sit alone now, because I normally don’t stay here for very long,” because I didn’t.

She hung her head back down and started to eat again, “Where do you go after lunch?”

“I go to the library. I go on the computer and play games.”

“Why? Don’t you have friends?”

She asked a good question. Did I have friends? I took another bite of my burrito and thought about it for a little bit. In fact, I think I had only a few acquaintances but no one to call friend really. It had always been me by myself and no one else really mattered in my life. There are a few people I talk to here and there, but no one really to go out and party with. Because I didn’t need to party, I was too busy most nights. I had a job to do, a job no one could understand unless you were chosen.

“You know, I do have friends, but I am not interested in hanging out with them really. I keep to myself, not because I can’t make friends, it’s because I don’t want any.”

Gwenyth took a quick glance at me and shook her head, “I don’t believe you.”

“What? That a handsome guy like me couldn’t possibly eat alone?”

“Now you are just full of yourself,” she smiled and shook her head again. “I hope that you are not serious.”

“Of course I’m not! He died in book five!”

Gwenyth obviously didn’t get what I meant. Her eyebrows scrunched together in a confused way, “What?”

“You know, Sirius Black? Harry Potter? The Order of the Phoenix? No?” She still didn’t get what I was trying to say. “Never mind.”

“I know what you meant, but why? Why would you even bring him up? You are not worthy to mention his name,” she smiled up at me, amused with herself.

“Tough crowd,” I bit my burrito.

There was silence again for a while. We sat there eating our lunch for the next twelve minutes without saying a word.

Gwenyth finished first and walked over to the trash can and looked down at me, “Show me to your library.”

I couldn’t help but smile at her, “Let’s go!”

When we got to the library, Gwenyth sat beside me as I played “Zombies and Guns”.

“What kind of lame game is this?”

“Shut your mouth! This is an amazing game!”

She rolled her eyes when I started to machine gun zombies to the ground. “This is stupid, you are not even shooting them in the head and they die.”

“I’m killing them! You are ruining my concentration,” The game was getting intense. “I am surrounded!”

“Throw a bomb? Does your character even have bombs?”

“No, it is called ‘Zombies and Guns’ for a reason.”

She rolled her eyes again and she turned around. “I can’t believe you do this every lunch.”

“Well, it’s better than sitting and moping about. There is not really much to do for the next half hour,” I shrugged. “Besides, what would you be doing right now?”

She didn’t say anything. She was looking through her bag trying to find something.

I leaned over her shoulder, ignoring the fact that I was dying. “Whatcha got there mate?”

“Nothing,” she jerked her bag to her.

“Okayyyy,” I went back to my game.

But I was not paying attention to the game. I was a little annoyed that she was here. I needed to get my work done, there was another demon sighting close to town and there was no way of knowing the nearest sighting. My phone was dead from investigating all morning. I was trying to find the Tangeluos demon, who was a class B demon himself. The last I heard he was five miles away from the school and had already killed two humans along the way. There was no way of telling if he were going to come here. I was on my way to hunt him down earlier.

I woke up today feeling refreshed and ready for another stinking year at the school. I didn’t need to go to school actually, there was no need for it. The only reason I go is the fact that my uncle wants me to go. He graduated from this school in the 70’s, he was ready to have someone in the family graduate from here. But no one in the family did. When he gained “custody” of me, he made sure I went to school. I was not born to go to school. My parents knew I was going to be a protector from the start. They knew I would not live a normal life, like my father. Luckily, women don’t have the gift, they are born normal. But every firstborn male has the gift. They hold the power called Trinick. It is just like what people call magic. It is exactly that but with a twist. Not only do we control unseen forces, we also control the elements as well. We are born with these gifted forces to protect this plane from demons, hence the name protectors.

It is hard to control if not controlled at an early age. The signs of coming of age are not so hard to see and normally you change when you are in a preteen state. When you hit puberty, the body changes and with it, your inner power that is hidden in your system since a little after our conception. My dad and his dad before him and so forth were all protectors of this plane. There isn’t many of us, but there is a few out there. I have only met one in my life besides my father, but only for a brief moment. We scatter as much as we can, we never stay in one place with another protector for so long because it’s too dangerous. There would be so much ground not covered that we have to keep distant.

Even though we have all these amazing powers, there is no way I could charge my phone. I lost my phone charger on a hunt a week ago. I smashed it actually. With my truck. But that is not the point, I had no way to charge it again. I kept putting off buying one because my uncle had one that worked for him, but he used it last night and I could not charge my phone. I was looking for one all morning, searching for one because in the morning on my way over to the school, I heard about the two dead people on a talk radio show. I was asking people and a no one gave me one except Lauren. She bumped into me in front of the school doors as I was going to head home and she took it out of her bag. “Here, and give it back ASAP!”

With the charger in hand, I ran into the library, swinging the door so hard that I heard it hit the wall pretty hard and rushed to the outlets. While I waited for it to charge, I went online to read more about it. And sure enough, there was a demon in the next town over. The descriptions of the kills were brutal “murders”. One body was mangled and the other was half eaten and had scratches throughout the body. I was too late to sense him. I didn’t do my nightly errand last night. My uncle insisted I should go to sleep early for school.

I had to do my nightly runs so things like this wouldn’t happen. People should not hear about these things. It is hard enough to erase and manipulate about fifty people but a whole town? A city? That was impossible.

This was also impossible. To shake her off so I can go back to find this demon. I needed a phone and fast. Not only that, I would have to leave right after lunch if I was going to get him in time.

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