Internet Best Friends

You have best friends and then you have Internet Best Friends

You know the one. The one you are thinking about right now. The one where you like each other’s statuses and LOL at their great memes and knew if you hung out you two would be the best of friends but you are scared to send that message so you won’t look like a prude.

I have loads of those. I can name a few right now but that would just be awkward.

Let us face it…they are fucking great.

They always know what to say and they give you that boost of confidence when you need it. They give you that like or heart and encourage you to keep going and doing you. Some of them send you links and you “Hahahaha” together even though you only talked like once or never and say hi awkwardly when you see each other in public.

Why is it that we don’t talk to each other when out of social media?

Simple…we do not want to look creepy.

But what if it wasn’t creepy?

How would that be like? Would we make midnight margaritas and laugh at 3am in our pajamas? Would we go paintballing for the heck of it? Or would we just go out for brunch because we now made that a thing?

Who the hell know because we do not speak outside of the web.

I bet it is not just me who sits there and thinks the same thing.

Why not just go for it?

Ask when their next day off is and if they want to get together and do something. Is it that simple? Not for me but there are people who have leaped that far into it and asked to hang out. I appreciate those people who do not give a damn and just jump right into it.

Things to say?

“Hey! How about we go to _____ for lunch/ dinner one day?”

“Want to go watch a movie with me this weekend?”

“What are your plans tomorrow? Want to do something?”

“I actually have tickets to go see ____ if you want to come?”

“I was planning a sleepover and I was wondering if you wanted to come over?”

And the funny thing is that I did do the sleepover thing. I was turning 21 and I wanted to break the ice with those internet friends and it worked until something unexpected came up and I had to cancel, but there were so many people who wanted to join my 21st birthday sleepover! It was going to be a night like a stereotypical sleepover like the movies because I never really had one with friends because my mother was overprotective.

But that is kind of weird, isn’t it? But I sure did do that and I was thinking about doing that some other time, but that seemed to work.

They may be not there to hang with but they are there for you when you post your nonsense.

They never fail to support you or give you a reassurance that everything you say online is not going to the void. Friends are great and internet friends are great too. It may suck not to see what could be or whatever, but it is nice to know they are there.

And if you are wanting to just be out there and stop moping around, then just do it! Ask what they are doing and ask if they want to do things with you one day. It may hurt your online friendship, yeah, but you never know, you can have a rad best friend out of it.

Until Next time!

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