From A Devoted Catholic to A Proud Practicing Witch

Yes, I am a witch.

Well, that is whatever you want to call it. I am a practicing Wiccan.

I have been practicing craft since I was thirteen years old right after middle school.

As a Catholic

I was taught since birth that God created all things and the bible was the absolute truth. I was in a family where my mother took her religion very VERY seriously. She would have church at home for an extra hour if we missed church. She made sure we all knew about the 10 commandments and what not.

I went to my catechism classes and did my first communion and started off to do my confirmation when I finally decided that the spiritual path I was taking was not for me.

I was the girl who had the Virgin Mary in her room right above her bed. I prayed every night and asked for the lord to take care of the world and that to have mercy on those who need his help. I had a rosary around my neck and believed that marriage was a sacred thing.

I am not saying that it is the wrong to follow the faith. I am not saying my faith is better. I am not saying there is a wrong or right faith, but I am saying that it was not a path I wanted to take.

Not because it was too demanding, there were so many rules to follow and there were so many steps to take in the church while you are coming of age. But no, that did not make me want to leave the faith. I actually found almost all forms of religion beautiful. Each form was celebrated and performed differently with different ideologies. I found some good things about different religions that I do very deeply respect and love.

I left the faith because I found a deeper calling.

By that, I mean I found a faith that was calling to me all along and I didn’t realize it.

To most Christian based beliefs, it is said that pagan belief is wrong and we will go to hell. I am only stating that because that was the number one reason why I ever hesitated to go off on my Wiccan journey. I stayed up all night reading about what it actually meant to follow the beliefs of a pagan. That it was beautiful and powerful all in one, just like the bible is to those who follow it. It had stories and ways to enlightenment by everything around us and it gave me a sense of awareness that I have never felt before…

Okay…I am getting too deep over here. But it is true!

I decided I was leaving the Catholic faith and follow my new faith in high school.

I never really spoke about it to anybody. Not a lot of people understand in the little town I live in. I live in a small town where it is a tight-knit Christian community and it would be hard to explain myself to all of them. (I know I didn’t have to explain myself but I know most would be curious given that my mom was a hardcore bible believer).

I bought books online and I read so many different blog posts about other Wiccans on the web and I found myself loving it. I read about crystals, chakra, herbs, the rede, stones, deities, etc and I could not stop. I bought my first Pentacle that was a Tripple Goddess moon when I was sixteen. I hid it under my clothes and I practiced my craft in hiding so no one would ask.

Have I ever gotten hate for it?

Absolutely. Some would blame my faith for giving me depression and that only God could save me. I have gotten remarks about being a devil worshiper (which I find Satanism quite fascinating!) and all sorts of other things. Poser, goth, a joke, damned, and blah blah blah…

I learned to zone it all out.

What does it actually mean to be Wiccan?

That is the beauty of it! You decide. You decide who you want to worship. You decide who is your God(s) or Goddess(es). There is no way of learning. It is your own path.

There are so many different branches of The Old Religion that there is no time to write it all out for you but to study them yourself if you want. But all you need to know that there are different kinds of craft. There is dark and light to everything. You chose what kind of witch you would like to be. There is also a gray area where you can do a bit of both.

I follow the Wiccan Rede and I like to stay on the lighter side of things because that is my own personal preference.

I found my path by studying and combining all my knowledge into one and I practice my craft whenever I can.

I love my faith!

I really do. I learn from the bible as well and I learn from other religions too to get a better understanding of everything. I do not know everything and I am still practicing. Practicing for what? For myself.

I love it and I cannot wait to learn more. I have been studying runes lately and how to read them. There are so many things to learn!

I am more open about it now that I have told my family about it. I am not ashamed to talk about it (not that I ever was, I just didn’t want to talk about it when I was just learning myself). I did not want to give out misinformation and I did not want to answer all the questions people ask me by my own belief because I am telling you, there are so many ways to practice. I cannot answer most questions myself because there are multiple answers and it all depends on the way you look at it.

So that was that. The journey of breaking away from my old faith and finding a whole new one.

Until Next Time!

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