Watching Random Movies On Netflix Is Better Than You Think

I was alone one day…

I was scanning through Netflix to find a good movie to watch and I was just going in circles trying to figure out what to watch. I was looking through all the posts on Facebook by other people who recommended things to watch.

I said, “Why the hell not?” and I started to watch the shows that most swore were good and I couldn’t help but lose interest in just a half an hour in.

I think there is something wrong with me.

Yea- I do give things a chance! I really really tried and most of the recommendations were not cutting it for me.

I think I have a problem…

When someone tells me to watch something because they are super sure I would like it is when I become stupid. My problem?

I have high EXPECTATIONS for the dang film/show that I get disappointed. I was googling things that were promised to be good and I ruin them with my high hopes.

I am sure I am not the only one who does this. I bet there are so many indecisive people in the world that are just like me who always have to ask people what they think is good and hope for the bloody best! But my brain just ruins the fun!

What I decided to do is…

just freaking flip through Netflix and just chose a random movie. That is all it took.

There was no rush or pressure, I just closed my eyes and just chose a dang movie. The movie I chose happened to be a low rated film and I expected it to be lame…

BUT! As it turns out…all the films I chose like this were super good!

Why? Well, the answer is easy! I had super LOW EXPECTATIONS for it! There was no figuring out what the “hype” was about, it was just a random beauty all on its own. The past three days I have watched odd, good, sad, and okay films, but they were all entertaining!

I couldn’t stop watching!

I kept wondering what would happen next and how the movie was going to end.

But, why didn’t I think about the other movies like this?

The recommended films and shows were being raved about EVERYWHERE and there were so many SPOILERS! It was really hard not to find out what happened after whats her face did after the accident. Or who that one guy chose after he broke up with whats her name etc. I am not fazed so much by spoilers, I do still enjoy the film/show like any other, but it does ruin the fun or the suspense.

I hate that. Where all the main news source always advertises a big hint and shares a little too much.

Finding random films like the way I did help finding some good and entertaining things to watch. I will keep doing that from now on!

Until Next Time!

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