What is important to one person, may be stupid to the other. The perspectives of a person goes very strong and deep into people’s beliefs. I feel it is what we were all accustom to what we have seen over the length of time of our lives. How is one to know that $100 is a lot of money to one who has millions. Or how the refrigerator seemed soo high when we were younger and now it seems as though there is no problem of the height of the fridge. I still don’t understand why people don’t try to see things this way. That people have different thoughts, perspectives, and lives…and yet we are quick to judge….
We don’t see to take the time to understand one’s thought or ones feeling as we just speak our mind and just go on and speak our mind, while the other gets offended. There are different lives that are being lived and all have different stories. Some may be pathetic more than others, but to the pathetic, they may feel that they are on top of the world.
As a fellow neighbor to all people who live around me, I try to see the way you see things. I try to understand your feelings, thoughts, and judgments, no matter how outrageous they sound. I try to put myself in your shoes and see what the big picture is and what you see.
I wish the world would one day see this. Not that because you should care to much, but to at least have a heart not to crush a person’s dreams and hope. It seems as though society robs them of a future that the person really dreamed for…like what I dreamed for. And there are some out there who crushed a person’s hopes and dreams just the same with their words.
So I ask of you as fellow friends, to try to understand, to try to see what you cannot clearly see, but to try to put yourself in there shoes, and understand how it feels like to be the person in front of you, and to use the golden rule: treat people the way you want to be treated…..

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