Feeling Out Of Place

In All Fairness, I Never Fit In

I was always the girl who was too weird and no one really talked to. We had different hobbies and different views on life. Maybe it is because I had to grow up so fast? Or maybe I have not found “my people” yet?  They don’t express themselves as much?Whatever the reason, I am just that weird person.

What I Like

  1. I like older music. I am not saying “older people music”, I am talking about music from 2006 and everything before that. I love old jazz/swing music. The kind where you go to a nice smoky bar and listen to a band have a go at each other. The saxophone rave, the clarinet sing, and the pianist jam! I also love classical music. Clair De Lune and all that jazz (ha). But seriously. I can sit and listen to it for hours. Classic Rock, musicals, and everything else that really isn’t what you normally hear on a popular radio station. I try to talk about it with some people my age and they give me a weird look and say I live under a rock.
  2. Going to the Theater. Plays, musicals, and watching a good story unfold on the stage in any way. Movies are always fun, but watching it LIVE is SO much BETTER! I love the art of acting and watching people spill their heart out on stage. There isn’t anything like it. I am telling you! I would love to have some friends go with me and most are not down to that idea. 
  3. Staying home with a good book and a glass of wine. I find a good story with a good drink to wind down my night is classifies as a good time. A clean house with some nice classical music in the background is the cherry on top of a good day for me. I could go out on a Saturday night but I feel so much better just enjoying the simple things.                      
  4. Decorating my home is one of my hobbies. I like to go thrift store shopping for my home. I don’t really go for anything else (maybe with the exception of vintage heels) but for art, desks, and decorative things. I get excited to rearrange rooms and adding the new piece of whatever to the collection of Norma’s Othe Crap! I like to take pride in my home.   
  5. I love talking to older people. I love talking to people who have more than 10+ years on me. I like dinner dates, playing board games, or simply just chatting away over a nice cup of tea/coffee. The stories that they have are far more interesting to me. I like knowing good cooking recipes, how to knit, what parenting tips worked for them, the jokes they heard over the years, and so much more. I love how down to earth most adults are. They let go of their insecurities and I can let my guard down and not have a care in the world because I am having a good chat about our passions.

What I Do Not Like

  1. Going to crazy Clubs and parties. I am more of a bar kind of person. I hate being in large crowded areas where I feel like I cannot breath fresh air (unless I am at a concert). I do not like to kid myself and wear clothes that are too tight with heels that can break my ankles. The loud horrible music booming in my ears is not something that is for me.  I have been to a few and I cannot get used to it.  
  2. Going out and spending money on name brands. I could care less about how much your clothing costs, it isn’t a big deal to me. If you like it, that is fine, but I don’t see the point in spending so much. I like the random clothing I find that only costs about five bucks! My sense of style is super lame and old fashion at times, but I grew up in a poor family where the clothes on our back are the least of our worries. Instead, it makes me sad that some people value another person on how much they spent on a certain something. Whether it be makeup, perfume, shoes, clothes, sunglasses, etc. I find it more awesome if someone found a cheaper version of whatever that works just as well! But that is me. If you can afford it, why not?  
  3. Wanting to be famous. I would HATE to be famous. It scares me to even think about it. I am nowhere near close to being famous at all, but it seems like most people want to be famous. They want to be in the public eye and want all these followers. That is fine for those who seek it, but definitely not a fan of it myself. Why? Some people lose themselves in it and just become something they are not. They work so hard to please others when they know they are not happy themselves (in most cases). It could be someone’s passion but then it is ruined by people wanting something more than just what they are putting out and doing drastic measures to fit into other people’s perspective on what is important. I like people who just fall into it and never change for the approval of others. I admire that way more than a person who just does it for the money and fame.    
  4. Being crazy good at makeup and fashion. Most girls my age know how to dress and wing that eyeliner. I have no idea how to even get my clothes to match. They all know what is in and out and what primer is the best one to use. I wanted to learn at first and now I could care less if my face is contoured or not. I suck at it and I am not afraid to admit that I had no idea what a concealer was until last year. I do not like when people (especially girls who know they can out eyebrow me) tell me how to “wear my face”. I am not crazy about it. I applaud those girls who have it going on! But it never really interested me. I am lost when it comes to that.    
  5. The overuse of electronics. Living where we have to share what we ate for breakfast all the time is strange to me. Going out to dinner with some old friends and having phones out instead of chatting. Taking a picture of every little thing. Selfies here and selfies there. Oversharing to the virtual world what happened that day to the last detail. Relying on a phone so much that we forget how to do simple things. Texting more than seeing a person in real life. We young people like to live a fast-paced life where we want everyone to know what is up with us all the time! I am guilty of doing it from time to time but I hate that about myself the most. I just started to do it more because my love life is with someone across the world and the only way we can communicate is through the internet. And now because some friends and family want to see how life is across the pond. But I rarely did it at all when I wasn’t in a situation like this. It bothered me so much where people had their attention on their phone than anything else. Wanting to know new trends, the new things, not really my cup of tea. But I do like utilizing it when I need to. Young people are obsessed with their phones and I just realized while not having data here in England, I found that I could really live without it. That is strange to some people.


I can see that I like living in the moment. I cannot keep up with anything new, I like to stick with the old tricks. I do not like getting caught up on things that are a fast way of living and I am okay with living a slow life. I like things that are dying and I hate things that are taking over. If that makes sense?

I am not special to say this is just me. I have met people who also love the same things I do but not often. People like me are set apart and feel so different when we are around what most people call the norm. I cannot relate to most my age because I  have lived a different life than most of my peers and that is okay.  It is just the beauty of diversity!

Until Next Time!

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