Doing It Just For The Likes, Eh?

They Are Everywhere

By they, I mean the bloggers who just want the numbers. I have been reading some posts and really like the creativity of some, but then I come across some blogs where it has nothing more than “follow for a follow” posts.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see why they need the follows and all that, but I do not like the fact that we just follow people and have no interactions.

I Tested It Out

I went over and joined blog follower groups and did it for two days. I found myself actually taking the time to read some posts and trying to give feedback and I just had a follow in return. I am not complaining about the followers, but the fact some are doing this for the number of likes and follows rather than doing it because they actually enjoy it is just wrong to me. I did find good posts and I had to follow because I enjoyed the content but the dang pop-ups kept getting in the way! “Follow me on Twitter!” “Follow my Instagram!” “Subscribe!” “Subscribe!” “Subscribe!”

I get it. I do, but man…I could live without them?

Like…would you want random people following you because you want the tally, or because they like what you do?

I Gave It A Chance

I sat back and thought for a minute. I do this too. I am sometimes in a hurry or in the middle of something that I follow back to read later. And I do most of the times and sometimes I do forget, but I do go down my feed and read a few so I do catch up with them.  And I understand people that have over 3,000 people and cannot give love to every single person.

But I have found people who would not give a flying cow to care about anything else but their numbers. I didn’t realize it was a cut-throat competition.

That really irks me. It isn’t about the art of writing at all anymore but just stats and ratings.

The Truth Sucks But Am I Right?

It really does suck. I have crap content myself but I put posts up that is not a sentence long. I do enjoy the reviews, tutorials, Pinteresty things, the book lists, and what not because they took the time and effort to make a great post about the things that they love. I LOVE those posts. But I frown upon the ones that post barely anything but want all the likes anyway.

Does that make sense?

I may be crazy and out of the ball game for some time. I have been blogging back in 2009, then in 2011, and now I am back at it again and I have seen the creativity dwindle…

Is it even fun anymore?

My itch to post lame posts has not died and it seems like it did for others. The pay is more important. Totally understand because bills don’t pay themselves but I wish they kept that fire they had when they first started writing. When the posts actually had heart in them and they did matter.

Maybe I am just a grumpy old bat at 22, but I couldn’t just sit here and say nothing about it.

Until Next Time!

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