1 Out Of 7 Billion Series: Markdilari

A Man From Sao Paulo, Brazil

Markdilari (we will call him Mark), is the man who lives in a municipality in great Brazil. Population: 12.04 million

We met out at random and he told me a quick story about himself.

Mark is a 30-year-old man that goes to work like me and you.

When Mark was little he lived in Italy at the young age of 3. His parents were looking for job opportunities and when they came short, they moved back to their city in Brazil.

Mark’s mother is a lawyer and his Father is a Journalist.

He wrote blogs too in high school when he was 17.

Mark started to pursue his goals at 24 and is happy where he is at now.

He works for Nestle. His job requires him to talk to people from all over the world! He mostly talks to people from India and he seems like he enjoys his job.

Talking to people all over the world will require you to know more than one language. So, Mark knows how to speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and a bit of Italian.

My View On Mark

When I met him, we chatted for about a minute and I knew he was a great guy! I talked about my life goals and some dream jobs I wanted and Mark encouraged me to keep at it and to not give up. He says it is never too late to do what you like doing. I really enjoyed meeting him.

Until Next Time!

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