Shout Out To The Girl Who Motivated Me To Get Off My Bum And Run

Who Is She?

I was going around Instagram on New Years day and I stumbled across a picture of a crazy transformation and I couldn’t help but click on her account. Her account name isĀ lizfitnessbby and she just stunned me! She started her journey at 17 years old and in just one year she made REAL progress! She weighed above 260 lbs and is now down to 140 lbs!

But that was not what inspired me to not give up on weight lifting. She has posted amazing tips and her struggles. I have come across some Instagram posts of people who lots a tremendous amount of weight and post about how they look now. It is all about how sexy they got and they just flaunt it around. But no, she actually tells you about her struggles and she always goes back to the beginning.

Liz has posted pictures of her then and now pictures while she encourages you to do the same. Her YouTube channel, that I will link below, has her story and the steps she took to get to where she is now. She will show you her work outs that helped her and the hardest parts that she went through during her weight loss journey.


Why Am I Sharing This?

Liz reminded me of me when I was younger. I had a fixed mindset and when I wanted to accomplish something, I would. She reminded me of a me, the me I want back and I thank her for giving me that part of my life back to me. Her encouragements and her videos are the exact amount of oomph I need in my life and I wanted to share that!

I hope you draw strength within yourself too and I hope Liz encourages you too like she did me!

Until Next Time!

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Her YouTube videos are linked Here

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