When I Shared My XXtra Hot Cheetos to English People

I Couldn’t Take It Anymore

I had to get Flaming Hot Cheetos shipped in from the US. I had to! I have tried most of the crisps (chips) here and it never satisfied my craving for them. I have been to Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrisons, and so many other places for something to satisfy my craving and found absolutely nothing that comes close. So I asked a good friend of mine to ship one over and I got a box of 5 big bags in the mail!!!

I Needed To Test It Out

My first thought was to hide them away and keep them safe for the next couple of months. But! I had the brightest idea to share them with my British friends because I didn’t think that any of them had anything like it.

I went over to Connor as my first test subject. He had the regular ones back in California when he came to visit but he never tried the black bag. He took the first bite and he was hooked. I thought he would burn his mouth for sure and it didn’t, it was addicting and I had to take the bag away! 9/10.

The next victim, we will call them Bob. He didn’t like them at all. He spat it out and started to cough because the red powder was inhaled into the back of his throat. It was a no for him! A 1/10.

The best subject was Connor’s friend Pete. We will call him Pete. He came over to play Heads Up and other board games because we love to game and I had to let him have some! He eyed it all night but didn’t want to try it until the very end. He had his coke ready when he took the first bite and he really seemed to enjoy it! Well…for the five seconds until it got too salty and hot for him. He didn’t spit it out, instead, he flushed it down with coke. He said it was good but way too salty for his taste and I didn’t get a definite number review but I am sure it wasn’t very high. A good sport about it though.

This Was One Test Of Many

I am a girl who loves her food and I needed to share it with my people from across the pond. For Thanksgiving, we made homemade pumpkin pie because they don’t really make it here! I haven’t found a pumpkin pie in any shop yet, but I will not give up hope! During Halloween, Connor ordered candy corn online because they have NEVER tried it before either! Too sugary for them, not ready for the high levels of sugar yet.

Next, I was thinking of ordering American cereal and having them try that. The cereal here is so darn healthy, they have strict laws on food here and I will praise that. People here are definitely a lot healthier here and I can see why they have the laws in place, but they are missing out on some good stuff!

Until Nest Time!

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