The Books That I Will Never Forget

Do You Have Books That You Just Can’t Get Out Of Your Head?

I have! And I am just 22 years young and I read a lot when I was younger. I read all throughout elementary and ever since. I always have to have a book to read and carry one wherever I go. I have to. The books I listed are books I read in the past so some are YA books but they really left a mark. Hope you love them too just like I did!

1. Anna Dressed in Blood

This book wasn’t the best book ever, but Kendare Blake wrote the very first ghost love story I ever read. I have never read something like it before it was a good late night read. It was about a guy named Cas who killed ghostly spirits. He was set on killing Anna’s spirit that terrorized everyone who went near her. One thing led to another and it got real. It was odd to read but it was enjoyable to read under the covers.

2. Poison

This book was written by Chris Wooding and he did an AMAZING job! I loved Poison’s character and the crazy story that came with it. She is set on a quest to the Phaerie Lord to rescue her sister who was taken by the faeries. She goes through so many tasks and it has the craziest plot twist that I could never forget! Definitely a good adventure book that will NOT let you down!

3. I Have Lived A Thousand Years

A story about a girl who was thirteen years old was forced into a ghetto and was sent to Auschwitz.  It was one of the first books I read when I went through a faze in middle school about the tragic events of WWII. It was hard to read and unforgettable. It was a holocaust survivor’s testimony that haunts me still today. There was far worse stories but there was something about this book that I cannot let go.

4. The Shadow Children Series

Margaret Peterson Haddix’s story about a totalitarian government had me up late on school nights. She wrote seven books about a drought that affected the country where the food supply was low and the government used it as their advantage. There was a law they created where families were not aloud to have more than two children. These kids were forced into hiding at all costs from the Population Police were they took the kids away and you could only guess what happens to them. The stories had me at the edge of my seat, these kids take you on a ride! A definite read at any age!

5. Gone Girl

If you have not heard of this book already, you should really look into it. The story takes place in a small town in Missouri where Nick Dunne was accused of murdering his wife, Amy Dunne. The story takes you back and forth from different point of views and time frames through their relationship making it seem like Nick is a for sure suspect. And then, BAM!  The book just slaps you in the face!  Gillian Flynn gives you a plot twist we all never saw coming and it is brilliant! I read it all in one setting because I could not put it down. A brilliant read!

6. The Order of The Grey Griffins Series.

This series I have read over and over. It was made for kids but I don’t care! It deserves to be read over and over! The books are about four friends that created a secret group called The Order of the Grey Griffins that met up at an old shop to play Round Table. In this story you will discover that Max Sumner and his friends will have to endure goblins, faeries, werewolves, unicorns, magic, and so many other creatures to save the world. I relive all these crazy adventures because this book took me into a different world. Derek Benz should be proud.

7. The Hunger Games

I know we all read it or watched the movies but I had to mention that this book was my favorite since day one! Back in 2008, I stumbled upon the book with the weird cover of a bird pin with the name Suzanne Collins on it and I am glad I did. I saw that it was new on the shelf and I just plucked it and took it home to never let it go. I waited outside of book stores for the other two books to come out because these are books I recommended to everyone in the 8th grade! It reminded me of The Shadow Children books but with more killing and I liked that! I  wont have to say what its about because I bet we have all seen the commercials already but I say, like every other book reader says, THE BOOK WAS BETTER!

8. The Demonata Series

We all know Darren Shan for writing the books “Cirque Du Freak” and the movie that RUINED such an amazing story! But I just LOVED The Demonata Series more. Demons, death, magick, different universes, and the fight scenes were all too perfect in the books. The books were about Grubbs, Bec, and Fleck in a fight against demons to save the world! (As you can tell, I like adventure/ gore books.) In just the first chapter of the first book alone it just ruthlessly drags you in a world where demons do in fact exist and they are just as you would think them to be. I definitely recommend this one!


9. (MY ALL TIME FAVE) The Enemy Series

The Enemy series takes place in London, England where a mysterious sickness changed all people over the age of 14 (16 in the US) into something close to a zombie. Children had to survive in a dying world where food was scarce, grown ups eat you, and other groups of children tried to kill you. The books don’t hold back and relentlessly let you have it. No character is safe and there will be times where you will be upset. They are also children books but I have recommended them to some adults and they were not at all disappointed. They are books you will want to buy and keep on the shelf to reread once a year.  Charlie Higson did an amazing job at making a book that made you want more and more. The back of the book captivated me in one sentence and I hope it will captivate you!

10. The Quarantine Series (My Current Read)

When I finished “The Enemy” series I saw this was under recommended. I never got around to reading it until now. It is a series about children having a disease that instantly kills adults and it spreads in a high school in Colorado. The government quarantines the place and has the students fend for themselves. The kids decide to form gangs to survive the drops, where a giant crate of supplies is thrown into the school every other week. Students find themselves killing each other for food, tampons, and other supplies.

I am enjoying it so far, I lost the book somewhere in the room and when I find it I will finish it and report back and give it a quick little review. It lived up to it’s description, “A modern day ‘Lord of the Flies'”. There hasn’t been anything that really impressed me but it has made me mad and I like it when the characters rile me up.

There Is MANY More

I just love books, my mother would take books away from me and made me watch T.V when I was grounded. I have hundreds of books that I recommend but these were the ones that stuck with me over the years. They were my firsts of many others like it and it made me fall in love with reading even more.

Until Next Time!

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