An App That Connects You To People Around The World!

Ever Heard of a Message In A Bottle?

One day Connor and I were downloading random apps just for fun because that is what we do. We are gamers. By that I mean, we play online, PC, console, arcade games, board games, app games etc.  We both came across an app where you can send “bottle messages” around the world! I Mean ALL OVER.

The App is called Bottled and you can get virtual coins where you can buy items that help boost up you bottles. I have talked to people from 32 countries so far and it has been fun! It is like having a pen pal!

You Can Connect Without The Stress

The app only shares the information you gave them. There is people who show their face and there is some with a wacky username with a sad stick figure pencil drawing as their profile picture. Mostly the creeps are reported and are deleted from the app so it is completely safe. I have a few friends I talk to everyday from France, Spain, Japan,  Indonesia, Norway, India, and the Philippines. It is a good app to meet friends or a love from across the world (a solution for my friends at home wanting to find love that way). There is in app purchases but you don’t really have to buy anything. At first it is a little slow, but don’t get discouraged! In three days you will have 20 chats from different people in several countries! You can put down your preferred language and about 99% of the bottles you get will come in that language. If not? There is a translation button at the bottom of every message.

Happy Messaging Everybody!

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