Celebrating With The Brits!

How is it going so far?

  I had a roller coaster of a time, not because of England, it was just that I was missing home, and who doesn’t miss home on the holidays?

  Looking out and seeing gray does get to you and the chilly nights reminds me of when my mother would make the Abuelita hot chocolate, put on her favorite horror film of all time (“Hasta el Viento Tiene Miedo” “Even the Wind Is Afraid”), eating pan dulce from the pan van, and laughing with my family all night. But you are not reading this post because of what my Mexican American ass does back in California, it is about how I spent the holidays with my friends from across the pond!

  Let me say it has been great! They are some of the most down to earth people I have EVER met! They are not afraid to voice out what they want to say and they have the darkest sense of humor. They can get down on the dance floor, roll in ten seconds, and laugh like it is nobodies business.

  I am enjoying the food, the scenery and all of that jazz before I have to pack my bags in February.

What to do on a Saturday night?

The night life here in the town I am staying at consists of pubs, clubs, or staying home and watching Doctor Who with a nice hot cup of tea (ha!).  But seriously, it is just that. I have been the drinking hot tea and Netflix person most of the time because that is what I do at home. I never was really a girl to go out on a Saturday night with the girls unless it was going to a bar and there was karaoke involved because I could really be down for that. But I stayed home watching Grey’s Anatomy with a bottle of wine and tissues with my cat Milo most of the time. Being in a LDR made Connor and I couch potatoes because we mostly had dates on rabb.it which was a website where you can watch Netflix and movies with anyone in the world. We go to pubs on some occasions but I never would think of going to an English club. Why? Well, I have been there and done that in America and I really didn’t like it and Connor couldn’t care less if we go or not.

So one night as we were watching Netflix, his good old friend Sam messaged him and asked us to go out to the club. I shrugged at him in response because I was game if he was and called a taxi five minutes later. The dress code was whatever and I didn’t pack my suitcase for a fancy date or clubs so I was stuck with a big ass shirt and some jeans with black boots. But I should have at LEAST packed heels because sweet baby Jesus, there was not one girl in the streets on a Saturday night without heels! I know some girls who go to the club in flats because, let’s face it, we are not super humans  with indestructible feet. But these British girls don’t give a damn and wear the damn things throughout the night! All in short dresses, skirts, and low tops with it being super cold that it snowed that night/morning! Hats off to them!

It was like any other club most of the time. Hot girls, rich dudes, the guy who does the sprinkler way to much, the drugged out mess, the crazy grinders, and all that was on point. The best thing I remember about the whole night was this girl who was in the front of one of the clubs fighting with a bouncer. She had a tiny black skirt on, the longest ponytail, and the tallest heels ever that made no difference to her tinniness, but she was feisty! She was throwing punches and scratching the hell out of a bouncer and was screaming about a guy still being in the club. She was a hot mess, drunk for sure, and was not giving up without a fight about some dude that never left the club. No authorities were called (they don’t really call the cops here) and they let her tucker herself out. They told her multiple times to go home, some even offered to get her a taxi but she kept on screaming and throwing blows that made no difference. I don’t know what happened to that poor girl that night, but man, that was memorable because I know for a fact in America, they would call the cops straight away for that kind of behavior. We drank loads and danced and drank some more. Of course tequila was my go to and I laughed every two seconds. All in all, was a fun experience!


  On our way home from the club it started to snow and it came down heavy little later and  we decided to stay up all night to play in the snow until noon! We were drunk as hell and it was colder than anything, but we had the best time ever! Building snowmen, looking at the world covered in white, and wanting to pass out in it was just the cherry on top!

Christmas Eve and Christmas

  I am used to the Mexican Christmas, where we make a buffet of food, lots of alcohol, bonfires, cousins everywhere you look, posadas, uncles with mustaches, and staying up until midnight to open Christmas presents. I have a BIG family and it was odd to have Christmas with just two other people besides Connor. The two other people being his wonderful mother Carla, and his Grandmother that we all like to call Nin instead of Nan. My family makes a big deal about Christmas, right when the turkey is put away that Friday we put up the tree and start busting out the lights. But there hasn’t been a festive Christmas do to the fact that Connor was the only child in the household for years and he is now 22 and “too old” for that. We set up the tree on the 15th and we only decorated on the side of the room and that was it. It was a beautiful tree, never seen so much tinsel on a tree!

  Christmas was fun and sweet. Connor and I spent Christmas eve playing some Smash Bros. while we slayed in bed in pajamas because we just got back from a long trip to London and wanted to rest. We had plans to go out and get a nice breakfast and what not but we decided that we are just fine in bed all day. Connor’s friends asked us to come by and hang out for a bit and had a couple of drinks there. We decided to go home early because they wanted to go to a club but we were tuckerd out from the day before so went to get some curry for takeout and headed home. When we got home we ate like fatties and drank some more and passed out. I woke up in the middle of the night to Skype my daughter back in California while her dad was trying to give me insight what the family back home was doing for the holiday.

   We woke up in the morning feeling pretty lame but we got dressed and went downstairs to open presents with Connor’s mom and Nin. We went into the front room and shared jokes and more drinks (we drink on the holidays…heavily) and watched the brand spanking new set of The Walking Dead because Daryl Dickson is Carla Clipston’s Husband (Mum). We opened lots of Christmas crackers (a picture down below) where it is a contest to see who gets the prize inside. It comes with a small surprise novelty item, a joke, and a hat to come with it. One came with a measuring tape and we measured our noses to see who’s was bigger because there was a never ending war about big noses in the family. We did some charades and just had a nice evening doing a whole lot of nothing but lounging around, but it was everything. I had the most wonderful time. There was no chaos, no big mess to clean, it was all chill and relaxing.

  Boxing day is a day where Brits bring out the ham. They cook ham, a fat buffet, and eat with loved ones (it is like a version of thanksgiving). We ate and played games with Connor’s two uncles and their families. I was lost when they were telling jokes because I am still getting used to English humor but I will get there!


New Years Eve and Day

   New Years eve was neither good or bad, it was split down the middle. I started off the day with horrible news that a childhood friend of mine passed away while she was visiting family in Mexico. It was hard to take in and just a shock to most because freak accidents happen out of nowhere and no one expects it. I still feel for the family since they lost 2 loved one’s that night and I couldn’t imagine what they must be going through right now…my condolences to them…My friend will never be forgotten and surely missed…

  So there you have it, it wasn’t at all what I expected, we were going to go out and celebrate for the coming year, but we decided to yet again sit back and relax and have a couple of drinks with the family while we watched horror movies. I Skyped home for a little bit to say hi once again. We opened more crackers, ate pizza, and played charades while we enjoyed the rest of the night. We didn’t hear a countdown and we totally missed the New Year mark. We didn’t know it was 2018 until we heard fireworks exploding outside scaring the poor cat! We sang “Auld Lang Syne”-well….Mum did because Connor and I still don’t know all the lyrics so we fucked it. And to top off the “New Year” Connor and I were too tired to kiss! We just congratulated each other and headed off to bed. We didn’t do much on the New Year, but hey, we still had a good time. And the best thing happened on New Years day! FRIENDS IS ON NETFLIX!!!! FINALY!

Ugh, it is my go to show since as long as I can remember and I am glad I can binge watch it now!


  I have no idea what 2018 has in store for Connor and I or anything in that matter. I don’t know when we will see each other next after I go home and what to do when I get back. I would say I have resolutions if I did, but this year I didn’t make any. It should be to eat better and work out because I gained soo much weight here in England it is ridiculous, but I know for a fact I won’t stick to it if it feels mandatory, so I should just not say anything about the matter until I know I am dead set and ready. You would think I used to be strong willed, but I was skinny before because I had a good metabolism and after I had my daughter that just went out the window. I never had any self control when it came to food and I should really work on that soon or tomorrow! I never have a problem with working out, I love to work out, it is just all the food that I eat that ruins all of that…I am a girl who loves her food, what can I say?

  With that said, I am just taking it day by day, seeing where life takes me. I will just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best. Instead of going in with high hopes, I should just go in hoping things go alright instead of planned because that was my problem. I would plan and plan and plan about EVERYTHING and NOTHING went to plan! So this time I won’t bother and I will just do it. I will be spontaneous about it and just do whatever it is that I want to do. That seems to work better than stressing about what plan and steps I should do. I never had my life together and everything structured out, so why try to start and try that again?

So, Anyway…

   I am sorry I didn’t make the most of my holiday here, but it was amazing to me because I am a simple girl. I missed home during the holidays, I will  not lie, but it was a good experience to see what it feels like to be away from home. The different customs and food has really made this trip enjoyable and fun.  Meeting new people like T, Sam, Jack, Tamara, Amanda, Peter, and a few others had made my trip pretty great. I would also like to point out that Connor’s friend Sam is part of a band that some of my friends might like! They are called the “C.C. Smugglers” and you can find them on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, etc.  and they play some sick shit. Excuse my language but it is true. Favorite song would have to be “Good Day”. So, cheers Sam!

   I am running out of things to write about, I can write about my trip to London, but I am sure nobody cares 🙂 I can write a mini series in the blog posts because I love to write stories or I could just not? I have no idea what people want to read about until a month later when they mention it, so please do not hesitate to ask! Snapchat? Moonebeamray. I can get back to you faster on there. Or my Instagram: paranormal_norma

   So for now I will write whatever comes to mind. Weather it be about the really cool hat I saw the other day, or how the character in my book was being stupid, or what I think about scorpions.

I am just losing hope in becoming a writer honestly, but a girl can try!

Until next time!

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