Welcome To My New Blog


Why the Change?

Hi there! I know what you are thinking…well no, I don’t. But! I bet you can guess why I changed sites.

It is simple: This one is way better!

I did some snooping around and found that this site was easier to navigate, customize and read. The other one only gave me limited options on what to post and I got tired of it. I also had that site for YEARS just like my other one, but I kept thinking about the past and what I used it for. I used that site when I was a lonely teenage mother. It was hard and no one really talked to me back then because most of my peers were not in that point of their lives where they would not understand the hardships that came with that kind of responsibly.  They do now and it makes me feel better but I had to delete all the old posts that were just way too much (which was all of them except for maybe one). So it feels good to let go of the old and just get on with the new!

I still have the old blog posts up and there is a link to the old blog under the “Old Blog Posts” tab. You can’t miss it…really…you can’t.  And by the looks of the old post, you can tell I was not having it by the end of it. I needed to change.

I would like to thank those who have been with me since day one in 2011! And for those who just came and gave this blog a chance! Thank you!

What is New?!

I have been working on a couple things while I have been away. I have been painting more and adding more to the book I have been writing. Lately, I have been wanting to dig deeper into my creativity and I cannot wait to go crazy with that! Painting has been a passion of mine since 2013 and I want to get better at it. I also want to finish the book I have been working on by the end of this year. It has been long overdue because I had this idea for a very very long time. Since the summer going into freshman year and I have been lazy to write it out. So if you like lame jokes, gore, horror, demons, and all that fun stuff, I hope you like my book! I will be writing a chapter a week on Wattpad, there is a link on the home screen below! Hope you enjoy it! I don’t get paid to do the things I do but I do enjoy doing them!

I have been getting more into PC gaming and I have been struggling with that. Going from controller to the mouse and keyboard has been a nightmare. I cannot shoot for the life of me and I find myself dying within 30 seconds. I hate PVP but that is the direction video games are going now and I have to get used to that shit. I miss my XBox One back at home because I find it easier to play on my beloved console but oh well. I have to get with the times.

I know I have been saying this for years but  I am proud of myself this time. I have been weight lifting every day since the new year and it has been going well. I am scared of declaring that I am working out and dieting, but I am. Low key I have been trying to get healthier, not skinnier. Why scared to declare that? Because I know that once I do, I find myself obligated to do it and it makes me not want to, but I guess you can say THIS is my resolution. To stick to what I promise myself. The last blog post on the other site did say I shouldn’t make plans, and I am not, I am making myself motivated.  I won’t put an end goal and I won’t put due dates, I am just going to wing it.

That is Pretty much It

This blog seems to run better and smoother and I hope you like it too! I can’t wait to kick off this period of my life with my fingers crossed, It is going to be a shitty ride. I am going to LOVE IT!

Until Wednesday!

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