Entry 1: Outside The Window

A series of innocent writing prompts with a dark twist. The prompts are from author, Chelle Stein, from the website thinkwritten.com called "365 Creative Writing Prompts". There will be a new story every three days, so grab a good drink and take five minutes out of your day to read short stories of the obscure.

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It Will All Makes Sense

The First One. Thr Next One. The Others. The One 🖤


When Axel and I first met, he randomly one day smiled at me from across the bed and said, "I finally found you."He explained himself after , I am guessing, the puzzled look on my face.I was once engrossed with the idea of fate, destiny, soulmates, etc for so long and after my separation from... Continue Reading →

Hello Again!

How is everyone holding up? Did you miss me? I have been gone for months!!!! I have not posted anything in a while and I am sure I lost a lot of my followers because I have not been putting out content. But fear not! (Not that you have been fearing) I have been writing... Continue Reading →

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